The Dutchies | The Swop Game | Van Huilen Komt Ruilen

05 februari 2019 | Door: Casper

Met The Dutchies maakt een internationaal publiek kennis met Nederland.
De volgende tekst is dan ook in het engels.

The Dutchies
Have you always wondered how Dutch people think about different subjects? With this channel we visit different cities in the Netherlands to find out what The Dutchies think. Subjects as dating, marriage, international artists, foreign food and much more.

Send in your requests and questions and keep checking us out. Soon we will be posting hilarious, funny, awkward and amazing videos.

Van Ruilen Komt Huilen
Dutch Max puts a Dutch saying to the test.
“Van ruilen komt huilen” translates to “From swopping comes crying”, meaning that if you change a product for another product it could lead to regret.

Max starts with a pen…. Check the video to SEE what the results will be.

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