14 september 2017 | Door: Casper

Het werk van fotograaf Tommy Clarke roept een gevoel op van pure schoonheid en vrijheid. Voordat hij begon als ‘Aerial Photographer’, werkte hij als modefotograaf. Met zijn spaargeld huurde hij een helikopter en hangend uit de helikopter nam hij de eerste luchtfoto’s. De rest is… kunst.


1.     Can you tell us who you are? 

I’m Tommy Clarke, an aerial photographer still shooting landscapes the old fashioned way – from helicopters!

2.     Can you describe your youth?

I spent it on the beach down near Bournemouth, surfing, fishing and falling in love with the outdoors.

3.     What did you do before hanging out of helicopters and taking epic shots?

I was a fashion photographer, shooting for magazines like GQ and Harpers Bazaar.

4.     How did you discover your passion?

I fell out of love with fashion while i was based in Sydney and at that time rekindled my affection for the coast, so i turned my lens to the beach and it went from there.

5.     What is your passion?

 I love showing people the unaltered beauty of this world, particularly in an abstract artistic way. I’ve seen so much beauty in this world that conveying that to people is addictive.

6.     What are you most proud of?

That i saved up every penny i had to risk it all on that first flight in  a helicopter

7.     What inspires you?

Traveling and reading up on incredible places around the world.

8.     What are you most thankful for?

Health, friends and family.

9.     What countries are top on your list to shoot?

It would have been Iceland but i just ticked that off the list. Maybe New Zealand.

Tommy Clarke Aerial Photographer

11.    What advice would you give other people trying to find their passion or struggling to pursue their dreams?

Enthusiasm is contagious, you need to be able to convey that to potential clients or customers.

12.  What would advise would you give your 21 year old/younger self?

Do more of what makes you happy and stick up for yourself and dont be expected to work for free.

13.  What dreams do you still have?

Too many! I’d like to see the world from space. I hope to be living by the beach in Cornwall.

14.  What are you most excited for at the moment?  

My new exhibition ‘Iceland’ opens next month at the Old Truman Brewery here in London, which im really excited to show people.

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